Saturday, November 8, 2008

Wow the world of blogging is big!

I have had a journey around the world and glimpsed into many women's lives today WOW
and now I share five snapshots from my home and some of my story. Many years ago a lady painted this tray and it was the prize for the Most appropriate title for a little in house newsletter among women at our church I entered with the title "Among Friends" and I won. This has ever since taken pride of place in my home - it was a sign that one day I would own my own cottage and now many years later we live in it and this tray hangs on the wall. I am crying as I write this because dreams do come true and My Heavenly Father gave this to me to help me hang onto that dream! I guess at times along the way their was HOPE, doubt, despair, RENEWED HOPE prayer and dreaming, window shopping, bargain hunting, waiting, crying, Believing. Happening!
This is a close up of the fabric of the kitchen curtains I made as another glimpse of HOPE! I had the roll of material for ages, finally had enough money to buy it, but then didn't have time to make it. I originally bought it to recover our lounge suite but wasn't brave enough to attempt it. But I did make a' mock up' cushion to visualise what it would look like. Next is a close up of the fabric that the lounge was finally covered in - better quality and done professionally about a month before we found our new home. It went so well!
Just one of my teddies, she was falling over. I found her at a garage sale and brought her home.
This is a picture of my first (I think) piece of patchwork with roses and teacups - I have liked them both for a long time.
Well later I must upload that funny picture of me as the "Princess Clown" drinking tea [I cut and paste text and some how its now a Link???] like Alice in Wonderland at 'The Mad Hatter's Teaparty" ANOTHER STORY - ANother DAY HEh heH - am I weird or what - yes! The photos are here as a reminder to me so I will keep you guessing!?! They are taken on the second camera on my mobile phone so in reverse.


  1. I love pretty things. You posted beautiful pictures here. I like them esp the flowers. They r pretty. Thanx.

  2. Hello, thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday and leaving such a lovely comment. The tray is wonderful how lucky to win it. 'Amongst Friends' is a great title and relates well to the blogging world too:)

  3. Congrats! God does work wonders in his own time doesn't he! Sometimes I just wish he would speed it up a little. hahaha

  4. OOh virtual tea party I like that....


  5. Hello and welcome to the great big blogging world. Thanks for your visit and your kind comments. I really enjoyed reading your previous posts and seeing the lovely pictures from your garden. I am also a rose lover, though I don't have a lot of roses in my decor inside... only in the garden. Loved your Mad Tea Party look!


  6. So where are the pics from the festival, I love seeing the roses n all but I've seen them before :) you shall have to tell me more about this mad hatters party tho, that sounds like fun :) do you have any pics from the lavender and lace party you had in 2005? now I'm digging up old history hehehe :) love you

  7. great pictures I really love the tray, and all fabric with roses on is fabulous especially is it has some age to it.

  8. Isn't it wonderful how we can find other people with the same interests all over the world? Your china is so pretty - just up my street!

  9. Welcome to all you lovely ladies that have visited my blog. I am am so happy and honoured,