Saturday, November 15, 2008

Cakes, Curtains, Ducks crossing & Mist

Welcome to all you lovely ladies that have visited my blog. I am am so happy and honoured. I just love how visiting someone's blog can lift your heart at the end of a hard day and how wonderful it is to receive comments when you take the time to post yourself. Its also fun to take photos and begin to compose a blog in your head as you go through your day. Which is what I did today.
Well today started a little late, sleeping in after a late night, D.H. left early to go on a caving overnight trip. I had cakes to bake (for an engagement party) and was glad to have the house to myself to do it without distraction. I had to pop out and get some more sultanas in the late afternoon and took a few photos,

The duck crossing sign near the beginning of our road - and YES ducks do cross our street from one hanging swamp to another.

As I went down to the village to buy sultanas, the mist was rolling in, the weather had turned during the afternoon.
The mist, the road works (the highway widening) and railway in the background.
A close-up of one of the flowers on my 'vintage' bathroom curtains. I made them originally for the laundry door at our last house, from a vintage fabric find in an opportunity shop.
the pink roses on a pale blue background - they are finished with blue & white gingham at hem
Daylight is fading outside and you can see the shadows of the window frame behind
My pink mixing bowl - a reproduction of the sort my Mother has - I remember her mixing the Christmas cake in it.
The mixture before being spooned into the baking tins, lovely fruitcake
One of the cooked cakes. Icing & decorating comes tomorrow, Must get to bed, goodnight all!


  1. lovely post, the duck sign is so cute and your curtain fabric is fabulous, ohh I can smell that cake baking yummy...

  2. I have enjoyed looking at your beatuiful china and garden. I have pink mixing bowls like yours that my daughter bought me awhile ago. I also have my grandfathers origanal brown one.
    I adore the curtains and your old doilies I collect them as well.
    Looking through your blog I think we might have alot in common....

  3. How nice to have homemade fruitcake for the party. Here in Georgia it seems that everyone has white, chocolate or red velvet cake for weddings and engagement parties. When I lived in Canada, it was traditional to have fruitcake with a marzipan topping and icing for weddings.

    The curtains and pink bowl are pretty. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Your curtains are vry pretty, have you iced your cakes yet?? Don't forget to post some photots of it. Home baked fruitcake is so yum!! I haven't done one for a usually I have done my christmas cake by now but time has got away on me.

  5. Yes I started icing today - I have done the white covering icing and need to do decorations next. I will post photos later this week, when its finished. I am taking them step by step.

  6. Hi!
    Thanks so much for your kind word about my items on my selling really mean a lot to have others appreciate what I love to do!

    In regards to using the PAYPAL just create an account and then in there MERCHANT Services catagory..they have an easy set up for buttons which you just copy/paste to your sight. I'd be happy to help you through it if you need me to...its very easy...

    Have a blessed day...Lorena

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such nice comments. I am having fun looking through your posts. I love the gingham border you put on your curtains. It is just the right touch. and that pink bowl...I want one....LOL

  8. Thank you for visiting my blog and for leaving a sweet comment! I'm glad to be visiting you in return. :)

    Your pink mixing bowl is the cutest! I bet the baking is even better after it's been mixed in it...

    Many sweet blessings!

  9. Hey! Your blog is just delightful. Thanks for contacting me...I have added you to my approved friends list, so after you recieve the email and accept the invite...all you do then is just sign in each time you decide to stop over. I'll have to tell you though....You may have to dig deep in my blog to find the yard sale treasures I've posted, I've been off my blog routine lately, but I try to list some finds every week. It's always fun sharing them. Have a great day!

  10. I have set of 3 of the exact same mixing bowls, and the most gorgeous pink butter dish to match. I love them.