Friday, November 28, 2008

Rewards in the Post, A challenge & gift for you!

What a Lovely surprise in the post today! "Musings with a Cuppa - The Poetry of Tea" written by Earlene Grey, illustrated by Susan Laird arrived from another blogger Lynn in the USA. Please visit her blog at Lynn is an Artist and to celebrate her 250th post held a give-away, earlier in November, she offered both a 'crafty' and a 'tea' gift as a give-away for her readers and I was blessed to win the TEA book. I have already read some of the lovely poems, but want to leave some to enjoy another time, with another cuppa of course. I share one with you-
Christmas Tea on High

High Tea on Christmas Day
With friends and family
Close and warm and safe.
With sugar cakes & savouries
And spiced tea from the chest.
It's the celebration of God's gift
To us, but more important still,
It is what we will give to those
Who are but only one small
Grace away from us.

Here is the table that I began to lay for 'tea'
To welcome two lovely ladies for the weekend.
However the verandah was Not the place to be
As it began to pour,
We rescued cups and saucers
As the deluge came down,
Sweeping right across the boards
Soaking everything in its path.
We sipped inside as water drummed against
The Corrugated, colourbonded roof

Of course it's just the beginning of a piece of prose that came to me, being in the poetic mood, I challenge you to finish it, use your imagination and write another verse! I have a gift on offer to help motivate you - a set of Westminster Australian china for tea and bikkies [ccokies], for one.
I will post a photo later as I'm rushing off to lunch with colleagues.

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  1. I am so happy to hear that you received the book and that it arrived safely! Also, I am so pleased that you are enjoying the poetry! Best wishes, Frivolitea (Lynn)