Saturday, October 20, 2012

"Dress-A-Girl-Around-the World-Australia"

This charity has become my focus for the next few months. They are holding a fundraiser weekend in Early November to raise funds for postage and fabric. Please help.

Read more about this charity here:

This is the first pillowcase dress I made. Now I'm off to my local market to promote this worthy cause.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Welcome to Spring!

Outside my window today... there is sunshine and birds.

I am thinking... about how we can retro fit our house to be more sustainable.

I am thankful... for the beautiful weather today... great for getting washing dry...

In the kitchen... the crockpot is not on today.... I think we will have oven baked fish and 3 veg.

I am creating... a cot quilt for my grand daughter....

I am wondering... whether the weather will be kind for our holiday.

I am hoping... to learn to crochet this year!

I am looking forward to... going to Queensland in the school holidays...

I am learning... about looking after babies again with a young grand daughter.

I am pondering... how to get to know more of my neighbours to create more community in our street.

I am reading... 'Gut Feelings' by Carnie Wilson

I am going... to ladies prayer group later today!

A few plans for the rest of the week:... I will be Relief Teaching for 3 days.

Monday, November 14, 2011

For the love of roses!

Today I have an offering of rose photos I have taken this Spring, mostly from my garden, a few taken elsewhere.

I love to cut a few roses and other flowers from the garden and bring them indoors, this bunch is sitting up on my kitchen dresser amidst my pink rose china.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tea for Two- Princess Roses March 29

My friend dropped in for tea, so we set up on the front verandah.

We indulged in a pot of Lemon verbena, a truly relaxing tea.

Our teaset today is Queen Anne- Princess Roses, made in England.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Teacup Tuesday March 22- American Beauty

Here we are again outside my bedroom french doors on the verandah with a vintage linen hand embroidered tablecloth.
Today's china pattern is American Beauty by Royal Albert. It is made in England and is a popular pattern with full bloomed pink roses. It is one of my favourites by Royal Albert, the other being Old English Roses... perhaps I will feature that one next week.

First we pour the milk in, then place the silver strainer on top of the cup (although some say you should hold it above the cup) pour the tea through the strainer, return the strainer to the matching silver recepticle, stir and enjoy your tea. (of course some add sugar and some omit the milk and add lemon.)
TODAY, I am enjoying T2 Rooibos Red Fancy Fruit Tea, (Rooibos is from South Africa and from a different plant to black and green tea). This tea can be enjoyed with or wthout milk.

Do stay for "Tea"

(((hugs))) Delcie

Monday, March 7, 2011

Teatime Tuesday March 8

I can't believe that I haven't posted a teatime post since last October...
Well Summer is over in the Blue Mountains near Sydney Australia...
Definitely an Autumn chill up here... time for those mid morning pots of tea with a cosy... on the verandah or in the garden if there is some sunshine...

This little table is right outside french doors from our bedroom, I picked a few of the last flush of Summer roses on Saturday and enjoyed a pot of tea here today.

This is a lovely VINTAGE cup and saucer {I also have a matching teaplate} from Royal Vale. Pink roses seemed appropriate today. The other tennis set you can see in one of the top photos is "Roses to Remember" by Royal Stafford- both are vintage bone china made in England.

I'm hoping to link into Tuesday Tablescape with marty (A Stroll Thru Life)
and Teacup Tuesday with Terri @
and Martha's Favorites @
but will have to wait for Tuesday to arrive in their part of the world.
Marty is away looking after her grandson, so I don't know whether her linky will be up.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bathroom make over -part 1

How can it be the middle of October already?
Well what have I been up to lately, besides recuperating from post viral/chronic fatigue, having friends stay, catching up with others after hibernating most of the winter? Continuing the mission of doing up the bathroom of course!

This shower curtain has been my inspiration for a vintage beach cottage bathroom.
It has bright colours and vintage beach huts.
I purchased it several years ago on sale and later some towels to match its colours.

Then one day I came across a pair of old wooden oars and thought about how to incorporate them in the decor with a functional purpose....towel rack - bit too long, do I want the cut them? No.... then one rainy day I said to my husband, "We could hang one off that beam and it could double as an airing rack to dry clothes on hangers during inclement weather." "What about all the moisture?" he replied. "We can put the oil coloumn heater on and the exhaust fan," I countered. Soon after he added a pedestal fan to stir the warm air around and voila the clothes were dry!

The next project was to paint the 'useful' cupboard, I purchased second hand one day, stored in a shed and then cleaned and declared to be the bathroom cupboard when we moved to this current house a few years back. It sat in the end of the family room next to the bathroom for a few years as I wanted it painted before moving it into a sometimes moist and damp environment. We were both too busy or too tired to ever get around to it. So one day recently I suggested that the long weekend would be a good time to tackle it and my husband agreed. The doors aren't finnished yet, perhaps this weekend.

The towel rack, (wooden quilt rack) with everyday towels, now in situ.

A little clutter on the vintage porcelain sink that has cream paint peeling off (house paint my husband thinks, that lifted off when I filled the sink with hot water one day. For now it can stay shabby, chippy and not so chic.