Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Down in the Valley of the Waters

Views along the way!

Amazing rock formations!

Finally the halfway marker!

Looking across the valley!

Looking overhead, backwards!

You could hear these waters a while before you could see them, it was refreshing to be there before the long climb out of the valley.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

The National Pass Walk at Wentworth Falls

Well this is the amazing start to the restored path of The National Pass!
More photos to follow next time as the uploading takes time!

The first glimpse of water, from the lookout at the beginning of the walk

Amazing cliffs, with overhanging structures!

Spectacular views!

Going down!

and down!

Do well really have to walk down all those stairs?

A glimpse of Wenthworth Falls =the descent was worth it!

and down down, down to the pool at the bottom of the falls!

Crossing over the start of the Jamison river at the bottom of the Falls, ever onwards and upwards and back along those magnificient cliff faces on the other side!