Thursday, November 6, 2008

Vintage china & Linen

Well they would have looked better if I had ironed them first,
I washed them and they were still sitting on my flat drying racks

Here are some of my pretty pink rose china.
Some of these first ones are for sale at the moment on ebay
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The rest are part of my collection.
I just love pink roses on
Royal Albert American Beauty & Old English Rose
Queen Anne - Princess Rose & Lady Sylvia
and other darling ones!


  1. Oh how beautiful your rose china is. We call daisygirl "princess rose" I didn't know there was a china pattern named that.

    Love the doiles too but I don't use mine much I figure I have enough washing to do!!!!


  2. Lovely collection! You noticed I had Lady Carlyle, I love it. Would you believe it (made in england) if I told you I got an entire 10pc set of it (dinner plate on down INCLUDING stemware in 3 different sizes PLUS the tea pot and accessories for $500 on ebay!! I hit the jack pot with that one for sure.

  3. what lovely china and linen I just love china with roses on. We could certainly give a huge tea party between us using all beautiful china cups, saucer and plates don't you think!

  4. What a lovely place you have here..wonderful blog with all the things I love..Thank you for directing me your way..:)

  5. Thank you for your kind comments ladies, I feel so blessed by your visits and also from having had the pleasure of visiting you.
    Have a wonderful day to all you ladies just beginning the day and afternoon and evening (here) to the rest of you. Bye for now!

  6. Oh yes Jan we could have a very big teaparty with all our pretty china. I haven't hosted one for a while, but have been to some. Perhaps one day we should see if we could organise a 'virtual tea' sit down (with a friend if Possible) online at the same time online and have tea and a chat and upload a photo of some aspect of tea to each other!

  7. I love all your pretty rose teacups!! There is nothing like pretty china with pink roses is there!?! Take Care...Sherry

  8. Your tea things are gorgeous!

    I just came from a Christmas tea at my mom's church - it was fun and lovely.

    Thank you for visiting my blog! Let's continue to visit back and forth - across the world!