Saturday, November 1, 2008

Walk around my garden

A beautiful painted watering can I bought on ebay recently
A former 'cutting' doing well!

Another Pelargonium

White Iceberg Floribunda rosebuds
with the front verandah (porch) in the background

Pink rosebuds - isn't Spring glorious?

A beautiful rose!

'Break of Day' or 'Swan River Daisy'

A spray of climbing cottage rose!

one type of lavender - loaded with rain

one of the other lavenders

The Hydraenger (sorry about the spelling) starting to bloom

The fuscia buds - not dancing yet!

one strawberry flower!

One tomato pot that we need to protect from the possums

Unfortunately we have planted them about 6 weeks too late for Christmas lunch!

My pot of native violets - they are purple and white and very petite!

The Cuttings

Its Spring here in Australia. I rained over night and I went for a walk in the morning, stopped and talked to one of the neighbours. He was sanding something and I asked for a cutting of one of his Pelergoniums - I didn't have that colour. I also got some trailing Geranium for my old wheelbarrow that was growing weeds. I usually have pansies in it, but thought the trailing geranium would last longer and survive on rainfall. I have taken some photos, mainly close-ups of things grwing and flowering. The poor lavender bush was laden with water from the rain - it actually looked better last week when it was dry. I have 3 different varieties of lavender.

It is so exciting and encouraging to see your comments on my last blog -with photo of us and our home. THANK YOU. welcome Caroline to following my blog.
Now for the photos. Hopefully I will learn how to place the photos amidst the writing. Of course they are at the top of the blog now because thats the way they load! See you soon!


  1. I think your blog is starting out fantastic. I have an award for you. Come by my blog and collect it.

  2. what a beautiful garden how wonderful to be in the spring season we are just starting our winter and have already had quite a few frosts, it is quite nice to light the wood burners and get cosy though.
    Great blog Jan

  3. To pick up your award go to my blog right click then it will probaly say something like
    "save as" click on that & you can then save it into your computer mine just go in my pictures folder ie-photos.Then when you do a post you can load it like you load your photos. Thats for when you do a post to send it onto the blogs you like. To save it onto the side of your blog go to your Layout page then you will see it says "add a gadget" click that then go through till you see "Picture" click on that you can then download it from wherever you have it on your computer. Hope that helps you if not send me another comment. I had to ask this as well when I got my first award and I have to still ask about other things there have been some lovely ladies that have helped me.Caroline