Monday, November 3, 2008

Tea on the verandah & the garden

It rained again last night and the garden looked so fresh, I just had to sit and have a cup of tea [in my vintage American Beauty teacup] on the front verandah. Of course I couldn't resist getting out the mobile phone and taking some photos [I find it so easy to use and it automatically downloads when plugged into computer].

I started with the teaset on table, then the view of garden from where I was sitting, then I walked around the garden again 'snapping' roses and started pulling weeds out while the ground was soft from the rain.

new buds
new pelargonium cuttings planted in the old wheelbarrow
it used to have pansies each year
but now needs something that will survive on rainfall
and last from year to year

along the fence line

A close up of a double flowering geranium

some of those weeds...why do they grow so well?

The next 3 show the rose that climbs over the front gate

Have a beautiful day! See you again soon!


  1. I love the look of your garden. I hope your tea didn't get cold though!

  2. lovely cup of tea in lovely china, and your garden is also very lovely. Love that pink rose.

  3. Your garden looks like a lovely place to sit & ponder so if it was mine I probaly wouldn't get any work done!!

  4. Thank you so much for stopping by! I love your tea cup sets they are beautiful. Yes, tea parties are soo much fun. I am giving my sis a birthday tea next weekend as she gave me one they are so much fun. Please come by and visit again and I will do the same. I love the idea of planting in the wheel barrel, novel idea. I guess I won't toss the one I have out because I now have a new idea!!:)