Sunday, December 7, 2008

I've learned How to Pass on Awards!

Karen from Homespun Simplicity has shown me how do the link thing so now I can pass on those fabulous awards that Caroline from The Simple Things has given me and publish and forward on the tag from Karen too.

This bookworm award, I'd like to pass along to

1. Randi at I have to say
2. Marge at Living Little Simple Woman's Daybook
3. Joelene at Handcrafted Cards and Gifts
4. My daughter who reads prolifically [a slide show only of pics from her travels] at Del's Travels
5. Cabbage Heart at Green Lettuce Soup
6. SherryRoseBella at Sherry's Rose Cottage

These ladies are also "tagged" to tell us 6 things they value most in life. This is the way I am passing on Karen's tagging of me.

1. My relationship with My Heavenly Father
2. My relationship with My husband and children
3. My friends and family
4. My country and my home
5. The ability to read
6. Creativity

Lastly this award is for anyone I've forgotten, or who is a new visitor, or new blogger!


  1. lovey bog i wish i had time to do one as well. i love all your teaparty stuff very pretty.

  2. One of the things I have enjoyed the most about blogging is the willing helpfulness of fellow bloggers....isn't it pleasing? Jacqui at Hill Upon Hill has helped me several times. Some may say I still need help......oh well. Thank you for your kind birthday wishes. I look forward to reading your blog.

  3. Gawsh! Im not sure how to link either but will post the award on my blog and tagg others, they will have to copy & paste though as Im just sooo bad at it.
    Thanks for the award! I really appreciate it!