Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas Favourites - Baking Recipes

2 blurry 'in a rush' images of the recipes I started with and then adapted over the years to suit our taste and budget.
ON THE LEFT we have the recipe from the back of the can/tin of Nestles ccondensed milk 400g - this is not the original recipe which went missing over the years. I found this similar last year and kept it, but not before having to make them 'out of my head' and they were voted by many as the best yet - but I don't think I got around to writing it down. They turned out to be a little like 'Cadbury Cherry Ripe" but moister and laced with a little raspberry port. .......ON THE RIGHT we have the page from the Australian Women's Weekly Beautiful Biscuit Book - Lebkuchen. We always leave the peel out as I am not fond of its bitter taste - I can remember picking it out of Christmas Cake as a child. I was so excited to discover last year that my local village supermarket sells Angus Park Premium Mixed fruit - perfect for puddings (no cherries, no peel). I can easily add my own cherries if I want to. ..... WOW, so far I sound like an advertisement for Nestle, Cadbury, Angus Park and The Australian Women's Weekley - really not intended as I actually choose to eat "Fair Trade chocolate". ANYWAY enough rambling girl .... give us the recipes. PLEASE

OUR LEBKUCHEN - we always make a double mix and often make a gluten-free version also
60g (2oz) Real Butter
2/3 cup golden syrup
1+3/4 cup plain (all purpose) flour
1 teasp bicarbonate soda
1 teasp mixed spice
1 teasp cinnamon
1 teasp dark cocoa
1 tablesp (20ml, not 15ml) milk
2 tablesp plain flour extra*
raspberry (any red jam) jam
125g (4oz) dark chocolate (ccoking variety or use a smidge of copha) YOU MAY NEED MORE

1 Melt butter over low heat inmedium sized saucepan
2 Add golden Syrup, bring to boil, remove from heat
3 STAND 10 minutes to cool a little
4 Add sifted dry ingredients & milk and stir with a wooden spoon until smooth
5 COVER, stand at room temperature for 1+1/2 hours. Mixture will thicken.
6Turn mixture onto surface which has been dusted with the extra flour*
7 Knead lightly, working in only enough of this flour until mixture loses its stickiness
8 Roll out to about 8mm (about 1/2 inch) thickness.
9 Cut out with heart or star shaped cutter, about 5cm (2inches) diameter
10 Place on foil/baking paper lined trays, leaving gaps between
11 Using the end of a round handled wooden spoon, gently push an indentation into the centre of each unbaked biscuit; don't push right through.
12 Fill each dent with 1/4 teasp jam.
13 Bake in a moderate oven [180degC 0r375degF] for 8-12 minutes or until golden tan.
14 Leave on trays until completely cold.
15 Melt chocolate in heatproof glass bowl over pot of near boiling water. Bowl should not touch water.
16 Spread back of each biscuit with melted choc, smoothing off with a knife.
17 Place jam-side down onto your lined trays (I use the ones I've baked on) and refrigerate until choc is firm
MAKES ABOUT 20 - WHICH IS WHY WE ALWAYS MAKE DOUBLE. THEY ARE GREAT TO SHARE. STORE IN AN AIRTIGHT CAKE TIN/TUPPERWARE WITH LAYERS OF FOIL/BAKEPAPER IN BETWEEN. .....You could make without spices if you have someone who doesn't like them. They could be iced instead of choc like Honey Jumbles ........
GOLDEN SYRUP - not sure if this is an Aussie invention - it is made from Cane sugar and water and is a dark caramel colour - you may be able to substitute honey or cornsyrup. if it is not available where you live. OTHER RECIPE TO COME... gotta go!


  1. Just visited Melanie and see you are a "winner". So happy for you and a big Congratulations too! Hugz!!

  2. I know what you mean about Nestle etc. I think I have the biscuit book.

  3. Meaning I understand why those companies names came up lol.