Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tea cosies

This post was inspired by 'Little Jenny Wren' at http://littlejennywren.blogspot.com showing some of her favourite tea cosies.
Although I love pretty cups & saucers, I prefer plain white teapots covered in colourful cosies. I guess it's nostalgia from my childhood, coupled with the need to keep the tea 'hot' here in the mountains, where the climate is a tad cooler. Some have been purchased at fetes, some op shops, some at markets, one a designer 'teashop' and one handed down in the family.


  1. I don't drink tea, but I'll think I'll start, just so I can get some tea cosies.I love them so bright and chearfull...

  2. Fabulous! What a great collection - are they all yours?

  3. Oh, your tea cosies are so sweet. I'm a big tea drinker myself and use my china teapots all the time, but I don't use tea cosies like those. They would be fun to collect though.

    BTW.. I've started a weekly blog event that I'm calling "Teacup Tuesday" where each week I am showing off my collection of teacups. If you are interested in joining in and doing a weekly Teacup Tuesday post yourself, send me an Email by Sunday night and I would be more than happy to add a link to your blog in my post for the upcoming week. Would love to have you join me.

  4. What cute tea cozies! I had one that my MIL made me and it's fallen apart. These are so pretty and colorful!

  5. Very cute cozies. I had not thought of variety through cozies.

  6. You have a colorful selection of tea cosies.
    They are very pretty. Thank you for sharing them.

  7. I've seen many a cute cozy in my time, but these are so creative and well done. What a lovely collection!

  8. Are they all yours!??
    They are so darn cute!
    I too am with you on the White Teapot,But don't own a Cozy,I should as It has been 2 degrees here and I love serving tea in a Pot!
    I funnily don't drink tea though:)
    Cute collection!