Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Crockpot Recipes and Photo Mosiacs

Whats in the crockpot right now? My Favourite Chicken and vege soup.
Brown 2 or more chicken thighs in a frypan.
Chop up with chicken shears (the kind of scissors that pull apart and can be cleaned throughly) or use a knife, or cook pre cut
Put chicken in crockpot, Crock pot on low setting
Brown Pumpkin pieces, (1/4 0f a jap pumpkin), add to pot
Brown some onion and garlic, add to pot
Add whatever other veges you have on hand - carrot, swede, potato, sweet potato etc
(OR if in a hurry in the morning add 1kg pack of frozen white wings chunky cut casserole veges)
ADD 1-2 litres of chicken or vege stock or 3-4 teasp powdered stock and 1-2 litres of water, just cover food
You can also add herbs of choice fresh or dried - I use dried Italian mix. Simmer all day on LOW, use HIGH only if you need soup in 3 - 4 hours time

SORRY NO PICS this time, icing cake, packing for a quick getaway, but hope to post soon after the holy season, with photos of wedding cake too!

OK photo mosiac lesson next time!