Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Satin Rose by Royal Albert

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Tea and Toast on a "silver" tray. I love the juxtaposition of elegance like this trio and the lacy crocheted doily with an old brass teapot, chunky homemade bread (and yes that is Vegemite-not congealed axle grease), a touch of pink in the rose tea-light candleholder.

This 'Satin Rose' tea trio has a platinum or silver ring rather than the usual gold gilding seen on most Royal Albert sets. It has delicate colours of soft blue and aqua and a slightly browny-grey to the leaves. I wasn't at all taken with it at first, but it has kind of grown on me, but I am willingly selling it on Etsy to someone who will appreciate its delicate hues even more than me, as vintage and used- slight wear on the cup gilding, only washed by hand.


  1. Lovely. Hope your day is wonderful.

  2. Such a pretty cup! I have one very similar in a Haviland pattern...I think our cups would look pretty on a table together! Do you happen to have the pattern for your tea cozy? We have been looking for one...yours is exquisite! Donna