Monday, January 19, 2009

Morning Glory - Sunrise

I was up early one morning and strolling through the garden
watching the sunlight dancing through the trees,
touching blades of grass, alighting on flowers, rocks and bark

Marvelling at the beauty of each new day,
each new flower that unfurls,
kissed by the morning sunbeams

How blessed and happy I was to be in the garden,
adoring the creator and enjoying this small part of creation.

For Melanie - glimpses of 2 types of lavender bush up close


  1. Of course, now I remember what lavender looks like! Thank you. Lilacs do look different. Your garden looks enchanting! How awesome to go out of your home and walk in a place like that! The fragrance must be awesome! Have a lovely day in your garden while I dress warmly and dream of lilacs and lavender! ((Hugs))

  2. How lovely! What a beautiful garden. We have just the opposite right now~ SNOW!

    Did you get your Lemonade Award?---it's waiting for you here:


  3. Hi Rose

    Wow what a wonderful garden. I have a few acres of bush here on my farm that I love to walk through and enjoy. My garden..well the cows ate it all so I have to start all over again.LOL! Great photos.

    Take care

    PS Hope the temperatures aren't getting too high for you guys. My sister in Terrigal tells me it's been really hot over her way.

  4. What a beautiful garden, a little piece of paradise right in your own backyard.

    Lucky you, all I see today is hot north wind with lots of dirt. Not much shade at my house.


  5. Gorgous!! I love gettting up early in the morning and taking my morning exercise of choice with God. Mornings and evenings are just the best arent they?

  6. You have a beautiful garden. How wonderful to step outside and be able to walk through it. Thank you for sharing your pictures.

  7. You have a beautiful garden! Rachaelxo

  8. Just popped by to say Hi!! Hope things aren't to hectic for you with school going back.
    Caroline xoxox

  9. Hi there! Welcome to our little blog. It is good to have you--and from so far away. How exciting. That photo of your little cottage shed covered in flowers is absolutely gorgeous. I dream of spring when I can be gardening again. Thanks for inspiring those of us who are in the midst of winter.
    Chasity from the wild raspberry

  10. You write about your garden so clearly as if I could see myself walking with you, running my fingers through the lavender comforted by it's lovely smell...Thanks for the visit!

  11. Oh my goodness this is just stunning!! Makes me feel so happy right now :) I cant wait for warm weather here!